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Meet David Hayes Fisher Funds

There’s something about David Hayes, Fisher Funds new KiwiSaver Advisor for Taranaki, that immediately puts you at ease. That’s good to know when learning how to invest for retirement can feel like such a daunting activity. For many of us just the thought of having to discuss our financial reality with a stranger can give us sweaty palms. Fearing the big “sell” - many of us avoid it completely – but do so at our own peril. For some of us, we ended up in KiwiSaver and haven’t taken the time yet to decide on how our money is managed, or are not exactly sure how we do that.

According to research 30% of New Zealanders have no financial plans for retirement, while 74% of New Zealanders are not confident in making investment decisions.  David Hayes is very keen to improve on those statistics here in Taranaki. Having recently started in his new role, his aim is to help educate Taranaki people about KiwiSaver, what Fisher Funds has to offer and how it can help us all have a more secure, sustainable future.

Shifting to Taranaki two years ago, David says he “escaped Auckland” to raise his family here in Taranaki. “What impressed us straight away were the people – how welcoming it was, the community facilities provided through rates and the support of funders like the TSB Community Trust. There is so much to do here, it’s easy to make friends and feel proud of being part of this region”.

David says that when the opportunity arose recently to work for Fisher Funds, he was immediately interested not just for himself but for the community. They are “not just another faceless organisation”. They have a highly motivated, highly skilled team who “get up every day to help their clients make better financial decisions and create better futures for themselves”.

David likes the way they value communication and transparency. Clients know where and when their money is invested and are “kept fully up to date with news and views that help you understand your investments”. That’s an important consideration when, says David “24% of existing KiwiSaver members in New Zealand don’t actually know where their funds are invested or how they are performing”.

Another big drawcard for David was the company's ownership structure – learning that TSB Community Trust was the majority owner and knowing that dividends flow back to the community is appealing. “Where else can you work where you know that what you achieve today is going to help shape the future, not just for your clients but also your local community?”.

Fisher Funds is the fifth largest investment manager in the market with over $8 billion of funds managed in total, and the largest specialised investment team in New Zealand with over 250 years combined experience amongst the team. 

That all sounds impressive and worth considering – and it is. But the point here says David, is that he is an approachable, everyday guy who can provide an accessible opportunity for Taranaki people of all backgrounds to make the most of KiwiSaver – “whether it’s to help you buy your first home or make the most of it as a retirement savings plan to help your future wellbeing”. 

And by doing that, through the TSB Community Trust’s dividends, you will be contributing to the future wellbeing of Taranaki.

David is based in New Plymouth and is mobile – he can travel anywhere in Taranaki and can meet at a location that suits interested community members.

For further information contact or call 021 257 2888