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New Chapter for Danae Etches

After 10 years at TSB Community Trust in a variety of leadership roles, Danae Etches is moving on. “It was a hard decision in some ways. The purpose of this organisation is quite addictive. But change is needed for growth” says Danae.

“When I started here there were three full-timers, now there are 12. Over the past decade I’ve been totally committed to our developing kaupapa – championing opportunities and beneficial change - who wouldn’t be?”

“The Trust has a pretty incredible backstory – and today our Trustees are dealing with significant fiscal and philanthropic responsibilities. The Trust has an important role to continue to care for this unique community asset, and to collaborate with and support communities around the mounga.”

In such broad context of opportunities, a focus on purpose, goals and targets is critical, says Danae, as is flexibility and visionary thinking.

“Many philanthropic organisations today aspire to develop new ways of doing things. To do that you have to be experimental. At the same time, you’re focused on managing risk, so it can be challenging. But we’re giving it a go.”

Danae is interested in the power of authentic community engagement, collaboration, co-design, and regenerative thinking. “We all need to think more about the impact we are having on ourselves and each other, as well as our environment. It is all interconnected.”

Danae says she gets inspired by “supporting and enabling others and exploring opportunities”.

A qualified communication practitioner, capable writer, organiser and facilitator, Danae intends to continue working with and supporting community, business and 'for purpose' organisations as an independent contractor.

“There’s several of us talking now with a variety of skills and similar values. We’re down to earth people with a hands-on work ethic, not too many flashy bells and whistles” she smiles. “We may eventually form a collective approach to our work."

We wish Danae well for the future.