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Partnership with Te Kahui o Taranaki

Mou document
Mou document

In December 2018 TSB Community Trust co-signed a Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Te Kahui o Taranaki. Both entities share a focus on the wellbeing of people in their rohe (boundaries) and their potential capacity to contribute to Taranaki in the future is significant. 

The MoU agreement provides the foundation to explore a long-term partnership to improve wellbeing outcomes for Taranaki Iwi, and community.

Established in 2017 Te Kahui o Taranaki is the post-settlement governance entity representing the collective interests of Taranaki Iwi. ‘Me Tongai Harakeke’ is a Taranaki Iwi saying that illustrates its vision and purpose. Their objective is to be a resilient, versatile and dynamic Iwi entity that is a vehicle for inspiration, success and intergenerational growth.

At the signing in December Leanne Horo, Chair of Te Kahui o Taranaki said, “We are looking forward to working together to achieve positive outcomes for our people and the wider community.”

In 2016 TSB Community Trust identified child and youth wellbeing as its key strategic focus, in response to needs identified through research in Taranaki. That research also highlighted the importance of working with Maori to support improved outcomes for Maori. In 2017, the Trust then adopted a strategy to increase partnerships with Iwi, and formed its first formal partnership, with Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust in March 2018, and its most recent partnership with Te Runanga o Ngati Mutunga in February 2019.

The Trust intends exploring potential partnerships with all Iwi in our region. “This MoU continues our commitment towards working in true partnership with Iwi. We’ve been working with Te Kahui o Taranaki for some time and this agreement formalises our commitment” said Harvey Dunlop, Chair, TSB Community Trust.